Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper — already dearly missed and beloved by Canadians (yes, that IS sarcasm) — is back in the news for all the wrong reasons: publicly sabotaging Canada’s NAFTA negotiating team.

In a memo called “Napping on NAFTA”, Harper criticized the government for insisting on key elements of a renegotiated NAFTA, like a fair deal for Canadian workers and modern environmental protections.

Harper also indicated that “it does not matter whether current American proposals are worse than what we have now,” suggesting that Canada should roll over and accept whatever Trump demands.

One Canadian official summed up the government’s response to Harper’s letter:

“He’s basically saying we need to make more concessions to the Americans, turn our backs on workers, turn our backs on softwood workers… put thousands of aerospace workers out of work.”

We can’t help but wonder why Harper has decided to re-emerge in public life just to undermine Canada and further the interests of the radical right-wing Trump administration. It’s unhelpful, and downright unpatriotic.

In any case, this is another reminder of how important it was to defeat the Harper government: if he was  negotiating for us or we’d be giving away the kitchen sink and building a Trump Hotel on Parliament Hill.