We can all agree the United Nations isn’t perfect. But sometimes they really step up.

In a surprising move, the United Nations has banned Rebel Media from attending a UN conference on climate change.

Anyone following the alt-right will be aware of Rebel Media. They’re Canada’s far-right media outlet with a history of giving a platform to people who support Neo-Nazis, peddling hate towards minorities, and interviewing guests that even Breitbart – America’s alt-right media outlet – refuses to associate with.

They are also closely tied to Canada’s Conservative Party, with Rebel Media’s director becoming the campaign manager for Conservative leader Andrew Scheer’s 2019 election campaign.

Rebel Media was given press credentials to last year’s climate conference after publicly complaining and whining. So why did the United Nations say hell-no to Rebel this time?

The reason isn’t at all surprising.

According to the United Nations, the Rebel has been harassing members of the climate conference:

rebel media united nations

This isn’t hard to believe. Rebel Media isn’t really a media outlet — it’s more of a political campaign designed to agitate racist, white supremacist Canadians.

It’s great to see organizations acknowledging that Rebel Media doesn’t deserve media recognition or credentials. Hopefully, other media outlets follow the United Nations and revoke Rebel Media’s so-called “media” credentials.