A new study released by media marketing company Cision reveals that online right-wing hate speech has increased by 600%, largely because of the influence of Donald Trump and the rise of radical right-wing media.

The study finds that terms like “#banmuslims, #siegheil, #whitegenocide and #whitepower were widely used on popular social media platforms”. Anti-Muslim and white supremacist sentiments have been on the rise since 2015 when Donald Trump and his extremist right-wing allies began an organized effort to bundle them into mainstream politics.

In Canada, groups like The Rebel have worked hard to mainstream extremist right-wing ideas, and their efforts are evidently paying off. With hate on the rise — and a former Rebel Media honcho running the Conservative Party’s campaign — they are well on their way to bringing the Trump disease to Canadian soil.

But it’s not just The Rebel. This study analyzed the number of right-wing media and activist groups operating in Canada, and found disturbing results:

Right-wing activists and the movements they espouse now total more than 100 organized groups in Canada. They are more visible and also better connected than ever before.

It’s more clear than ever: we live in dangerous times. Our opponents are well-organized, and they are winning. If we are going to build a country that is fair and works for the many, not just the richest few, we need to fight back. Click here to donate $1 /month to support North99 as we build a movement that can defeat Canada’s radical right.