If you’ve followed North99. you know we’re dedicated to exposing Canada’s Conservatives cozy ties with racist and far-right organizations.

Vice Canada has joined the chorus of those pointing out that Andrew Scheer’s Conservative Party is increasingly associated with racism and far-right bigotry. Their most recent article is a damning indictment of Andrew Scheer’s connections to influential hate groups in Canada:

A senior member of Andrew Scheer’s leadership team helped create an anti-Islam organization during his campaign to lead the Conservative Party. Now, that organization is holding events to protest anti-Islamophobia Motion 103 and is bringing together Canada’s anti-Islam pundits and anti-Muslim groups.

Georganne Burke, the Scheer campaign’s Outreach Chair, was involved in the founding of Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms (C3RF). The group warns that the Liberal government is criminalizing criticism of Islam and opening the door for a Sharia (Islamic) takeover of Canadian law. C3RF plans to hold events across the country to advocate against M103 and the Trudeau government.

It’s the same old ridiculous complaints by far-right ideologues – they believe Sharia Law is coming and will take over all of Canada.


Hate to break it to those racists, but it’s not.

This follows reports that Hamish Marshall, Sheer’s campaign manager (and now Conservative campaign chair), was a director at Rebel Media, Canada’s far-right media outlet. This is the same outlet that employed a host who sympathized with Neo-Nazis, defended a politician accused of child pedophilia, and interviewed a far-right personality who was too extreme even for Breitbart news.

SO what did Scheer’s pal Georganne Burke say when questioned by Vice Media?

Burke says she “[has] not been involved with C3RF since a couple of weeks after they formed.” She continues to post in the group, but says that “commenting is not involvement,” and declined to comment further.

Sorry, but that doesn’t cut it. You cannot say you aren’t involved when you’re actively commenting and participating within a racist community. If she had concerns about this group, she should’ve stopped participating.

It’s all part of a pattern of Canada’s Conservative Party’s increasinge rightward tilt. And it’s not just Andrew Scheer and his inner circle who are the problem. Key members of the Conservative Party like Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney recently praised a far-right leader in Europe who planned to form a coalition with a party founded by a Neo-Nazi.

The far-right recognizes the power of social media and race-baiting on the Internet. Germany’s recent election showed how the far-right Neo-Nazi affiliated party harnessed hatred on social media to win the third-highest seat total.

Canada’s Consevatives are increasingly embracing hate to try and win elections. Now these people have taken over the Conservative Party. It’s up to all of us to stand up and fight back against it.