Loblaws Canada admitted that they were fixing bread prices for over 14 years. Their response? Satiate people’s anger with $25 gift cards.

While this may seem like a good idea, Macleans explains why this is problematic:

“I think it’s unconscionable,” says Jay Strosberg, the other lawyer involved in the class action, who wagers that many customers would have forked over much more than $25 in unjustified fees over the years. Indeed, bread is a dietary staple—a mainstay on the weekly grocery list, which families pony up considerable money for over time.

Maclean’s crunched the numbers for several hypothetical scenarios to find how much someone might spend on bread over 14 years before and after price fixing. The findings, while speculative, reflect Wingfield and Strosberg’s assessment that $25 is woefully insufficient.

In the spirit of the holidays, social media users are asking everyone to donate their card to their local food bank. The Toronto Star is running with the story, encouraging people to help those in need:

Upon hearing of the goodwill gesture by the company — which the Star reported Loblaws vowed would not preclude customers from participating in any class-action lawsuit — some people immediately figured out a way to make the gift cards help lower-income people more than others, too. By donating them.

“Get it then give it to a food bank,” one person posted on Reddit, starting a thread that immediately generated dozens of responses.

“EVERYBODY. ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY IN CANADA. SIGN UP. THEN SEND YOUR CARDS TO THE FOOD BANK,” Tweeted author and television host Gail Vaz-Oxlade, a message that was shared thousands of times.

This is a great idea, one that every Canadian should undertake. It’s one of the few times where we can take from the rich and give to the poor.

So how can you claim your gift card? It’s easy, just click this link to register your email address and be notified when the cards are available.

What do you think? Is this gesture enough? Should Loblaws be giving away more than $25? Let us know in the comments below.