Kellie Leitch continues to be in denial over her failed leadership bid, saying the issues she championed were ones Canadians cared about. It’s a surprising statement given many considered her a front-runner but ended up placing 6th, well behind the eventual winner Andrew Scheer.

For those who forget, Kellie Leitch ran her Conservative leadership campaign on a policy requiring immigrants undertake a Canadians values test. She also praised Donald Trump’s election victory.

She told the leadership race made her a better MP:

“What I learned is that Canadians actually have ideas they truly care about and they want to talk about them. I was talking about issues that Canadians continue to talk about now, whether that’s Canadian values or how we should be dealing with Canada’s economy and these are issues that are top-of-mind.”

It’s an odd statement given Leitch is one of the few Conservative MPs facing a challenge from within her party for right to represent the Conservatives in Simcoe next election.

So why does Kellie think she has the support of Simcoe voters?

Leitch said her riding association recently did a poll to gauge support.

“They went out to make sure we have a strong association here and we’re polling about seven to eight per cent higher than in the last election,” she said. “My name recognition is in the high 90s. Those are very strong assets to have as a sitting member of parliament for re-election.”

Yikes. Donald Trump has high name recognition, but that doesn’t mean voters support him.

Let’s hope local Conservatives vote her out. We don’t need her brand of Trump politics in Canada