We all know Conservatives aren’t warming up to the idea that our planet is, well, warming. They especially hate the idea of a carbon tax, because according to Conservatives, all taxes are bad. But most keep their opinions to themselves, since almost two thirds of Canadians support plans to tackle climate change, including a carbon tax.

In an effort to spread fake news about policies that successfully deal with climate change, Candice Bergen retweeted a post that is factually incorrect.

Here’s the screenshot of her retweeting the post.

Conservatives like to discredit carbon taxes, claiming they are ineffective, raise taxes and don’t do anything to combat climate change.

Too bad it’s completely incorrect. Carbon taxes are actually one of the best ways to tackle climate change.

There are numerous studies (here, here and here) that show carbon taxes effectively reduce emissions. Even the very first result of Google disproves her post!

It’s just another example of Conservatives pushing fake news about effective policies that deal with climate change. Good thing Canadians aren’t buying their arguments. Maybe this is why the Conservatives are at 29% in the polls…

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