The National Post and their star columnist Rex Murphy are at it again.

Not long ago we reported on Rex Murphy’s unhinged screed in which he attacked the Governor General for asserting that climate change is real (also the position of 99.9% of scientists, by the way).

Now Murphy and the Post are doubling-down on climate change denial.

In his latest column, Murphy crows about the weather for over 1000 words. It’s not a pleasant read. Fortunately, the diatribe is so vacuous it can be summarized in just one paragraph in which Murphy critiques climate scientists:

We are fortunate to have such guardians, to direct us away from our senses, and beckon us back on the road to faith. Climate Change can cause cold temperatures, too, they intone. And wet weather. And dry. Hurricanes and cyclones. Droughts and floods. In fact, any variety of weather whatsoever can be traced, if you but model hard and often enough, keep the grants flowing and the contradictions unexamined, to the One Holy Underlying Theory of All Weather. Climate Change, everything proves it. It’s the scientific method at its best.

Great point, Rex. Weather is different in different places and changes from time to time? Someone get this man a Nobel Prize.

But seriously, climate change is about average temperatures rising around the world over time — that’s what impacts ice melting and sea levels rising. Not the amount of snow in small-town Saskatchewan over a week in the winter of 2018.

Nowhere in his column does Murphy even attempt to confront the basic scientific facts of climate change. It’s possible he is ignorant of them.

More likely he is well aware of the reality of climate change, and is simply carrying water for his big money patrons in oil and gas. Recall the hundreds of thousands of dollars he received from oil companies over the years.

Neither situation should give us confidence in Murphy’s rantings. Either he is a fool, ignorant of basic scientific facts that most children understand — or he is an oil-industry shill, a propagandist bought and paid for by people with deep pockets.

Whatever the case may be, it’s beyond time for Murphy to pack it in. Rex, do us all a favour — buy yourself a nice condo in Florida. Maybe Miami. Sure, it floods a lot these days. But if climate change is a hoax, you’ve got nothing to worry about — right?