A Tim Hortons in Whitby, Ontario is taking the company’s fight against workers to new lows.

In a letter which was leaked online by an employee, Tim Hortons owners informed their employees they would lose their benefits following the Province’s minimum wage increase.

The owners then went on to urge workers to contact Premier Wynne and vote against the Liberal government if they wanted their benefits restored.

“I encourage you to let [Wynne] know […] that you will not vote Liberal in the coming Ontario election,” the letter reads.


This is what corporations always say: raising wages forces them to cut benefits and jobs. We have written multiple in-depth takedowns of this lie.

The truth is that rich owners want to protect their profits. Higher wages cut into their profit margins and they hate reaching into their deep pockets to give an extra buck or two to their workers. This is why many Tim Hortons owners are cutting worker benefits.

But this particular Tim Hortons is taking the war on workers to a new extreme, holding their benefits hostage unless they vote as instructed by rich owners.

Let’s be clear: rich business owners are taking away paid sick days, emergency leave, health insurance, and other basic benefits. Then they are telling their workers how to vote if they want these benefits restored.

Employers are politically coercing their workers by ransoming basic employee benefits.

It’s beyond time Tim Hortons head office step in and protect all their workers.

If you agree, add your name and sign our petition to demand Tim Hortons protect its workers.