Good news! One of Canada’s least favourite and most polarizing MPs, who ran as a Conservative leadership candidate on a racist platform that called for immigrants to undergo a “Canadian values” test, and championed a barbaric cultural practices snitch line in the 2015 election, announced she’s not running in 2019:

In a statement obtained Tuesday by the National Post, the former minister and Conservative leadership contender said she will not seek re-election in 2019 and plans to “return to the public service that is core to my being and forms the very roots of who I am: being a paediatric orthopaedic surgeon and getting children back on playgrounds.”

Leitch made headlines during her leadership campaign by adopting Trump-style policies:

Leitch duly suggested screening immigrants, expressed scepticism about NAFTA and advocated de-funding the CBC. She pandered to the fears of those members of the Conservative base who felt alienated by traditional parties and offered them simple solutions that on closer examination were less radical than they sounded. While she implied with a nod and wink that she would bring in Trump-like restrictions on immigration, she didn’t commit to cutting the number of newcomers to Canada.

For Canadians who support multiculturalism and hate Donald Trump – the vast majority of us – this is good news.

But just because Leitch isn’t running doesn’t mean the fight against intolerance and Trump-style policies is over. Conservative leader Andrew Scheer appeared numerous times on the far-right Rebel Media, and even hired a Rebel Media Director as his campaign manager.

Kellie may be gone, but people like Scheer and others like him still remain.