Ever since Andrew Scheer defeated Maxime Bernier for leader of the Conservative Party 51%-49%, people speculated how Maxime Bernier would deal with such a close loss. Would he graciously get in line and support Scheer?

Nope. In fact, a new tweet appears to indicate Bernier is preparing for Scheer’s eventual loss.



Bernier sent out a tweet asking people to join his team. The tweet sends people to a webpage asking people to join his “Mad Max” club.

Here is a copy of the page:

It is very unusual for an MP, especially an ex-leadership candidate, to be promoting his own brand and not the party’s.

For those following Bernier, this is nothing new. 

In 2017, Bernier advocated for abolishing net neutrality, a vital policy that helps maintain internet freedom for everyone. This tweet was in direct response to Trump’s statements about repealing net neutrality.

Scheer’s allies directly attacked Bernier, saying his position was not the party’s official position.

We will keep you posted as new developments occur.