In part one of our story analyzing the money funding Conservative movements across Canada, we looked at the dark money behind the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. If you haven’t done so, please read it before proceeding.

A Common Cause

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has a long history of involvement with Rebel Media, Canada’s leading far-right media outlet.

The JCCF has granted interviews to Rebel Media on numerous occasions:

Rebel Media also used the JCCF to acquire supporters and donors:

  • Sheila Gunn Reid asked people sign a petition supporting the JCCF’s defense of a University of Alberta anti-abortion group.
  • Rebel launched a campaign and petition over a religious concert controversy.
  • Levant asked supporters to donate to an anti-Muslim cause, based on a lawsuit undertaken by the JCCF.

Tying the two even closer together is a featured endorsement from Ezra Levant himself on JCCF’s website:

“Free speech is the most important freedom. All of our other freedoms, such as freedom or religion and the right to vote, depend on it. Canada desperately needs the Justice Centre’s commitment to free speech, and Canadians of all political stripes should support it.” – Ezra Levant

Rebel Media Fundraises for the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

But the connection between the two goes beyond videos, articles and endorsements. Rebel Media has launched fundraising campaigns on behalf of the JCCF numerous times.

One fundraising campaign asks Rebel supporters to donate to the JCCF to support anti-abortion groups at university campuses. Here’s a quote from the site:

Ezra promised Marty Moore of the JCCF that we would try to raise $2,500 for his other battles across Canada — like the anti-Christian law societies trying to shut down Trinity Western University’s Law School, or the students unions banning pro-life clubs on campuses.

They also ask for people to donate to support JCCF’s Trinity Western lawsuit to protect “religious freedoms”:

We’ve got to help make sure that John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has the money to fight it all the way to the top. Please join me in contributing to his costs to appeal this outrageous Ontario decision.

It is clear that the JCCF and Rebel Media are intimately connected, focusing on issues that both groups support and can use to galvanize far-right supporters. JCCF has also generated funds from Rebel Media, which may explain why they refuse to disclose their funders.

It’s another troubling connection between Canada’s far-right movement and their mouthpiece Rebel Media.

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