In an original investigation, North99 has learned that a right-wing US activist group with connections to Donald Trump is expanding onto Canadian campuses.

The organization is called Turning Point Canada, and it’s a branch of Turning Point USA, a right-wing “student activist” group funded by the billionaire Republican mega-donor Koch Brothers.

Turning Point USA describes themselves as a nonprofit that organizes and trains students “to promote the principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government.” They plan to launch a chapter at Simon Fraser University, with more to come:

Turning Point USA is best known for their absurd media stunts. In one notable incident, a Turning Point USA representative at Kent State University donned a diaper and pacifier, apparently to mock “safe spaces”.

But investigative stories into Turning Point USA have uncovered the darker truth about the organization: far from a grassroots student group, Turning Point is a well-funded astroturf group acting as the campus wing of America’s right-wing.

According to Media Matters, the Koch brothers, through the Charles Koch Foundation, are a major backer of Turning Point. as well as the Atlas Network, an organization we’ve written about extensively, which funds right-wing lobby groups in Canada.

Turning Point USA also lists Heritage Action as a partner. Heritage Action is a sister organization to Heritage Foundation, another Koch-backed conservative group.

In recent years, Turning Point USA has fully embraced Donald Trump, even featuring his son Donald Trump Jr. as a speaker at their Student Action Summit. Turning Point Canada even tweeted about it.

The founder of Turning Point USA was also thanked personally by Donald Trump:

Turning Point Canada isn’t the only American-backed dark money group operating on Canadian campuses. As we’ve written about previously, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s “grassroots” campus group Generation Screwed is part of the Koch-funded Atlas Network. They were even featured on the Atlas Network’s website.

All of this paints a growing picture of American far-right groups funded by dark money trying to bring Trump-style right wing politics to Canada.