As reported by the Toronto Star, Doug Ford is refusing to ban Tanya Granic Allen from seeking the Progressive Conservative nomination after it was revealed she made numerous racist and homophobic comments directed at Muslims and the LGTBQ community.

The comments, first revealed in the Star, compared women in burkas to “bank robbers” and “ninjas” and questioned gay marriage, now legal in Ontario.

Granic Allen also fought against banning of conversion therapy for gay teens, a dangerous and discredited process to “turn” gays straight.

Here are just a few of her comments referenced in the Star article:

“What I do take issue with is the niqab and burka because they are masks which cover the face. I don’t believe people should dress like ninjas,”

In a tweet she referred to a 2013 acid attack on two teens in Zanzibar, writing “yet another reason not to vacation in a Muslim country” and a year later tweeted “so shocked that Malta has passed a law allowing gay adoption and marriage.”

So far, Ford has refused to prevent her from running for the PC nomination which is likely due to the fact Ford owes his victory to Granic Allen and her radical anti-choice supporters. Over 80% of her supporters choose Ford as their second option choice during the PC leadership race.

Ford has taken a similar position as Granic Allen on many hot-button social issues. As summarized by PressProgress, these positions include:

  • Repealing Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum
  • Allowing his backbenchers to table legislation on restricting access to abortion
  • Opposing a law that makes it illegal to harass women at abortion centres
  • Giving parents the power to stop a teen’s abortion
  • Giving religious doctors the freedom to refuse to refer patients who request an abortion

As reported by the Star, Ford stated that “the Ontario PC Party is an inclusive party. These statements are not reflective of what we stand for or how we will govern this province.”

Ford actions so far indicate the exact oppose.