New evidence from the trial of Quebec City mosque shooter Alexandre Bissonnette shows a startling number of far-right Twitter accounts that Bissonnette frequented in the month before he killed six Muslims.

These accounts are a who’s-who of alt-right and neo-Nazi personalities, including KKK leader David Duke and neo-Nazi Richard Spencer.

Here is the full list:

In an exclusive analysis by North99, we show that at least of the 7 people behind these accounts are closely connected to Canada’s far-right outlet Rebel Media. This includes both ex-hosts and regular guests with hundreds of links and mentions of different far-right personalities mentioned in Bissonnette’s Twitter list.

Our team combed through search results on Rebel Media’s website, Google, and YouTube to tabulate the volume of articles and connections between Bissonnette’s preferred far-right personalities, and how Rebel Media uses them to promote their own properties.

Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro is an American right-wing political commentator. Shapiro is well known for his commentary on discrimination and race issues. He recently said he doesn’t believe the LGBT community faces discrimination. On many other occasions, he has argued that African Americans do not suffer because of racism.

This is ironic, because Shapiro himself enjoys employing casual bigotry, such as when he tweeted that “Arabs like to live in open sewage”.

Rebel Media has covered numerous stories about Shapiro. A search on Rebel Media’s website returns over 10 pages with at least 10 pieces of content on each page mentioning Shapiro.

On June 29, 2017 Shapiro granted an interview to Rebel Media correspondent Jay Fayza to discuss the left’s “culture war” and free speech.

Tim Gionet, aka Baked Alaska

Tim Gionet, otherwise known as Baked Alaska, is a neo-Nazi Trump supporter. He also raps, and it’s absolutely terrible.

Baked Alaska has appeared numerous times on ex-Rebel Media host Gavin McInnes’ show. He appeared on February 3, 2017, April 21 2017 and an episode called Alt-Right and Alt-Lite, where McInnes interviewed both Baked Alaska and Mike Cernovich, another alt-right personality frequently viewed by Bissonnette. Within the video page, McInnes also attacks Jewish people, and points out a common racist belief held by white supremacists:

Paul Joseph Watson

Paul Joseph Watson is an editor-at-large at InfoWars, a conspiracy theory website run by Alex Jones that most recently attacked the Florida Parkland school shooting victims, calling them “crisis actors”.

Watson was a regular guest on Rebel Media, appearing in segments such as:

  • “Why is the Left Promoting Pedophilia” with Gavin McInnes – link
  • “Now New Evidence That Russians Hacked Elections” hosted by Faith Goldy – link
  • “Media Coverage of Terror Attacks is More Like a Cover Up” with Gavin McInnes – link

A search for Watson on TheRebel.Media shows over 100 pieces of content and videos mentioning his name.

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter is a far-right anti-immigrant Conservative activist, who’s accused of numerous hateful acts including blaming gays for Hurricane Irma.

Ann Coulter was a guest on Gavin McInnes’ show on September 23, 2016. It’s behind a paywall (and we are absolutely not giving Ezra a penny) so we don’t know what they discussed. But the show’s descriptor includes the following:

She also appeared on Gavin McInnes’ show on November 7, 2016 to discuss “campus censorship”.

Rebel Media regularly covers Coulter, with over nine pages of content mentioning her name:

One article even lumps her together with neo-Nazi Richard Spencer, and disgraced alt-right personality Milo Yiannopoulos, who also appeared on Rebel Media.

Mike Cernovich

Cernovich is a popular far-right, pro-Trump conspiracy theorist who was a leading promoter of the bizarre “PizzaGate” conspiracy theory. He also claimed that date rape is a liberal myth.

Cernovich was a regular guest on Rebel Media programs, including ex-host Faith Goldy’s and ex-host Gavin McInnes’ shows.

He is a commonly discussed topic on The Rebel, with over fives pages of content mentioning his name.

Alex Jones

Alex Jones runs InfoWars, a far-right conspiracy theory website which is currently being sued for defamation by multiple people. Jones has promoted fake stories about a deep state conspiracy to remove Trump, that George Soros orchestrated the Charlottesville protests, and called the victims of the Parkland school shooting “crisis actors”.

While working at Rebel Media, Faith Goldy was interviewed by InfoWars. You can see both their logos in the bottom corner of the screen.

InfoWars is a very common subject on The Rebel, with at least ten pages of search results mentioning InfoWars, Alex Jones or other InfoWars hosts. Over 50 of these appear to be articles that mention InfoWars directly:

Gavin McInnes

Gavin McInnes is an ex-Rebel Media host but was a key individual during his time there. He interviewed numerous far-right personalities, including Ann Coulter, Mike Cernovich and Baked Alaska and based on YouTube video views, he was the most popular Rebel host.

McInnes has contributed to white supremacist websites such as and American Renaissance.

McInnes is also the founder of Proud Boys, an alt-right organization that participated in the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. One of their founders helped organize the event.

McInnis is well known for his attacks on Jews, including a video titled “10 Things I Hate About Jews”. He also attacked Gay Pride events, feminism, and tried to spread misinformation about the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville.

Stefan Molyneux

According to the Southern Poverty Law Centre, Stefan Molyneux is an alleged cult leader, who:

..amplifies “scientific racism,” eugenics and white supremacism to a massive new audience, Stefan Molyneux operates within the racist so-called “alt-right” and pro-Trump ranks.

Here are a few quotes from Molyneux:

“Screaming ‘racism’ at people because blacks are collectively less intelligent…is insane.”
—YouTube video, The Death of Europe | European Migrant Crisis, October 4, 2015

“…the Germans were in danger of being taken over by what they perceived as Jewish-led Communism. And Jewish-led Communism had wiped out tens of millions of white Christians in Russia and they were afraid of the same thing. And there was this wild overreaction and all this kind of stuff.”
—Stefan Molyneux describes the Holocaust in YouTube video, Migratory Patterns of Predatory Immigrants, March 20, 2016

Molyneux is a regular Rebel Media guest, appearing alongside Ezra Levant, Katie Hopkins, ex-host Faith Goldy and ex-host Gavin McInnes. Most recently, Molyneux appeared on Rebel Media host Katie Hopkins’ show where they both attacked diversity and multiculturalism.

A search on Rebel’s site surfaces approximately 70 results.

Molyneux is also notable for interviewing Faith Goldy, during which she appeared to express sympathy for white supremacists during the neo-Nazi march in Charlottesville.

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