National Post columnist Barbara Kay has done it again. And this time, people are calling her out for her blatant racism.

For those unaware, Barbara Kay is a far-right columnist at the National Post who used to appear frequently on Ezra Levant’s far-right media outlet The Rebel.

In her article “The Agony of an Attack Without Explanation, and the Pain of Chaos”, Kay says she hoped the attacker was a Muslim terrorist.

Naturally, people were outraged, especially given how much effort the far-right put into pushing the false Muslim narrative.

Here are the best responses from across Twitter to Kay’s article.

1) She’s Getting Really Desperate

2) Kay Dislikes Muslims More Than Killers

3) Oh Yeah, She’s a “Men’s Rights” Activist

4) Racism Is Everywhere

5) Save Your Energy and Read Vicky’s Story

Click here to read it. Trust us, it’s worth your time.

6) The Bar is Very, Very High

7) Don’t Feed the Toronto Sun Trolls


8) We So Many Questions…