This weekend Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party will debate what policies help guide the party into the next election.

And according to a leaked memo, it’s a combination of every far-right, anti-worker and anti-women policy you can think of.

Here are the 14 most dangerous policy ideas supported by United Conservative Party members.

1. Backdoor Legislation to Outlaw Abortion

Three policies call on the UCP to expand free votes in the legislature, except for budget and confidence votes. As reported previously by PressProgress, policies like this are nothing more than backdoor attempts to ban abortion.

2. Gut Public Services

UCP members want all tax increases to be subject to a general vote. In practice, this only serves to starve public services from much-needed funding.

3. Increase the Income Gap Between Men and Women

An analysis by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives showed that the wage gap between men and women is smaller in public sector jobs. They conclude that “forcing public sector wages to follow private-sector norms would increase inequality between men and women, and between high and low-income earners, with very little overall savings for government.”


4. Privatize Public Education

When Conservatives say “finding efficiencies”, they always mean cuts and privatization.

5. Slash Taxes for the Rich

Currently, Albertans who make above $300,000 per year pay 15% in taxes. Reducing taxes to 10% would mean a huge tax cut for the richest Albertans. In fact, under the UCP’s proposed plan, anyone making above $125,000 per year would see a tax cut. Low-income workers and anyone making under $125,000 would see zero benefits.

6. Big Tax Giveaway for Big Businesses

Business corporate profits are at record highs, but UCP members want to give big businesses even more money.

7. Cut Alberta Public Employees Salaries

Their rationale? It would reduce traffic congestion… Seriously.

8. Allow Discrimination Against Transgender People

Calling for people to be treated with dignity and respect while simultaneously supporting the “enforcement” of male and female biology does not inspire confidence that dignity and respect will occur.

9. Allow Discrimination Against LGBTQ Families

“It’s proven, known and intuitive that strong… gender balanced (traditional families) ensure the best health well-being outcomes for children”. No. it doesn’t. And science proves it. 

10. Expand Private, For-Profit Health Care

“Improving delivery and efficiency” is a misnomer – private health care hurts everyone, not just the poor.

11. Allow Doctors to Refuse to Provide Abortion Services

Allowing doctors to conscientiously object to medical care is just a backdoor attempt by Conservatives to make abortion tougher to access. It’s a policy backed by the Campaign for Life, a far-right religious group dedicated to outlawing abortion services.

12. Expand Discredited Mandatory Minimums

Mandatory minimums don’t work, they just make things worse.

13. Attack Compassionate Care, Maternity and Parental Leave, Cut Job-Protected Sick Leave and Domestic Violence Leave

Rescinding the Fair and Family-Friendly Workplaces Act would impact everything listed above.

14. Destroy Unions

Mandatory union dues are a fundamental part of union membership. Giving workers the opportunity to opt-out would dramatically impact a union’s ability to organize and advocate for workers.