In a new exclusive story from North99, the blog that appears to be run by Doug Ford’s handpicked candidate Andrew Lawton attacked LGBT members celebrating Pride, claimed Indigenous Canadians were “going nowhere” without Europeans, attacked the black community for supporting a “culture” that “demands handouts” and disparaged Muslims.

The posts were made on the now-deleted blog called Right Wing Canada. North99 uncovered the website using the Wayback Machine, a tool which archives old web pages, and has provided numerous connections between it and Lawton, including his Twitter account, blogger profile, and email address.

Newly discovered deleted tweets reported by the CBC show a new link between the blog and Lawton. On April 7, 2010, he  published a tweet linking to a blog post on


Here is a link to the blog post that Lawton’s profile shared. The author of the post is Andrew Lawton.

For a more detailed analysis of the connections between Andrew Lawton and the blog, please read our previous story.

Claimed African-American Culture Demands “Hand-Outs”

On February 13, 2010 the author Andrew Lawton wrote a post saying that “When Lincoln freed the slaves, I doubt that he intended for ‘black’ to become a culture for the black community to demand hand-outs.”


Attacked the LGBT Community Over AIDS

In a post from December 2, 2009, “A. J. L.”, which appears to be short for Andrew J. Lawton, wrote that during world AIDS day men in “tight pink polos and women’s jeans” would “accost” people promoting the red ribbon campaign.

Said Indigenous People Were “Going Nowhere” Until Europeans Arrived

On October 12, 2009 “A. J. L.” posted an article in which he celebrated Columbus Day and noted “parallels” between the British colonization of India and the European colonization of North America.

The East Indians were a failed population, they were dying young, getting sick, there was incest and rape among them, etc. The British population brought them food, support, supplies, and more importantly brought saftely and security to the nation. When the British Empire was no longer present in India, they were better off due to the legacy left by the European settlers. They were no longer the “savage” (to quote Rudyard Kipling) people they were before, but now a prosperous bunch.

Let’s face it, the Native populations in North America today have been carried for centuries by the Europeans, because they were going nowhere without it.

Here are the full paragraphs from the website:

Posted Disparaging Attacks on Muslims

Now-deleted tweets by Lawton, archived by the Wayback Machine, show that he tweeted disparaging comments about Muslims.

Lawton, for example, participated in a hashtag called “#JihadiSongs”, in which popular songs were re-named to mock Muslims.

Lawton appears to have tweeted and re-tweeted a number of these, viewable here (and shown below).

Doug Ford has said he supports Andrew Lawton and won’t fire him. If you oppose Lawton, join the campaign to stop him at