In an unearthed video from Andrew Lawton’s tenure as a host for Rebel Media, Doug Ford’s appointed candidate says there’s nothing wrong with excessive CEO pay. In fact, Lawton says CEOs deserve their massive salaries, which are 190 times higher than an average worker’s salary.

Andrew Lawton made the comments while working as a host at Rebel Media. For those unfamiliar with Rebel Media, it’s a far-right website run by Ezra Levant, and co-founded by Hamish Marshall who now runs Andrew Scheer’s election campaign.

In a segment called “‘Greed Report’ on CEO earnings a “flawed study”, Lawton details a report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives that says CEOs at Canada’s top 100 companies make on average $9.6 million a year, compared to $49,000 for the average Canadians worker.

Does Lawton see a problem with this? Nope.

In fact, Lawton says CEOs “do actually deserve a great deal of what they’re getting”. Lawton says that it’s “absurd” to compare a person making $9 million to a person making $49,000, and says we might as well compare someone making $1.

CCPA’s most recent report shows average worker salaries fell from 2015 to 2016 while CEO salaries rose by 8%, from $9.6 million per year to $10.4 million per year.

Lawton’s sentiments echo Doug Ford’s recent policy announcements. An analysis by PressProgress shows that Ford’s tax plan will mainly benefit the richest Ontarians. And he’s promised to slash corporate taxes for Ontario’s biggest corporations, which already pay record low rates.

It’s just another example of Ford’s campaign putting the richest 1% ahead of workers.

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