1. Wages will fall as the minimum wage increase is cancelled

Doug Ford has promised to cancel the minimum wage increase. This will lower wages in two ways.

First, workers currently making less than $15 per hour will not see their planned wage increase materialize. Obviously this represents a substantial loss for them.

Second, workers making more than $15 per hour will be less likely to experience wage increases because wage pressures from below will be diminished. One effect of a higher minimum wage is that employers paying just above minimum wage face greater pay competition and often have to increase wages in order to retain workers. With the minimum wage increase cancelled, this will no longer be the case and employers will more easily be able to freeze wages throughout the economy.

2. Scrapping rent control could cause rents to skyrocket and lead to mass evictions

Ontario renters are now protected from steep rent increases by rent control laws. This means that in hot housing markets like Toronto, many long-term tenants are paying significantly less rent than they would were rent controls to be lifted — in some cases hundreds of dollars per month less. Doug Ford has said he opposes rent control. While he has recently vacillated on this issue, were Ford to scrap rent control many renters could face huge rent hikes and — in some cases — eviction from their home.

3. Tax handouts for corporations and the rich will result in cuts to public services

When Doug Ford and his brother were at Toronto city council, they promised to “find efficiencies” — a pledge that resulted in a push to cut bus routes, close libraries, reduce community centre hours, fire nurses, and more service cuts.

Now Ford is making the same claim, saying he will find $10 billion of “efficiencies” to cut in order to pay for massive tax handouts to corporations and rich people.

This represents a transfer of wealth from ordinary people to the wealthiest in the province, and most people will suffer with worse public services as a result. The Globe & Mail has reported that Ford’s cuts will directly destroy 75,000 jobs, and the secondary effects would likely be worse.

4. Housing will get more expensive if the tax on foreign buyers is eliminated

Doug Ford has pledged to eliminate a tax on foreign housing buyers. The tax makes it less lucrative for rich overseas investors to buy up homes in Ontario, which are often bought as a safe asset. This, in turn, reduces demand for housing and lower the market price.

Eliminating this tax will make the housing market more attractive to overseas investors, who will then purchase more houses and reduce the overall supply — driving up prices for people who live here.

Ford’s commitment to implement policies which benefit the rich will make it harder for people who live here to buy a home.

5. Access to abortions could be restricted

Doug Ford was backed during his leadership campaign by a coalition of anti-choice Evangelical organizations. These religious fundamentalists secured him a narrow margin of victory, and he owes them a great deal.

That is likely why he told them he would re-open the abortion debate in Ontario, and backed new restrictions on women’s access to abortion.

6. Our environment will become more polluted

Doug Ford opposes making companies pay to pump pollution into our air. He has committed to scrapping Ontario’s policy which makes polluters pay. His plan is to make it free for corporations to pollute our environment.

Ford’s policy would not only make it easier to pollute our air, it would also make it much harder to reduce emissions that cause climate change.

7. Your commute will get longer as transit projects are cancelled and cut

John Lorinc at Spacing has produced an in-depth report on transit projects that will likely be on the chopping block if Doug Ford gets his way. The transit lines along Finch in Toronto, in Hamilton, and a subway expansion in Toronto.

When he was a Toronto city councillor, Ford pushed deep cuts to the city’s transit system — including scrapping bus routes — and backed fare hikes for riders.

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