From voter fraud to illegal fundraising, Doug Ford faces an unprecedented number of controversies. To help you keep track, North99 has compiled every single allegation since Ford’s Conservative leadership victory.

Radical Religious Far-Right Groups Claim Victory Victory for Doug Ford – March 11


Ford Promises to Cut CBC Funding, Even Though It’s a Federal Responsibility – March 29


Ford Cancels Media Bus, Is Accused of Limiting Press Access – April 5


MPP Michael Harris Fired From Caucus For Alleged Sexting Incident – April 9


New Social Media Posts Show Ford PC Candidate Tanya Granic Allen Attacked Gays, Muslims – April 10

She said gay marriage made her want to “vomit in disbelief”


Ford Caught Lying About Previous Attacks on Home For Autistic Children – April 18


PC Candidate Tany Granic Allen Claimed Gay Marriage Was “Destroying Society” – April 22


Ford-Appointed Candidate Andrew Lawton Accused of Attacking Women, Denying Climate Change – April 27


Doug Ford Secretly Promised to Sell-Off Greenbelt to Developers – April 30


Ford Backtracks on Plan to Sell-Off the Greenbelt – May 1


Questions Arise Over Timing of Ford’s Firing of MPP Michael Harris as PC Candidate – May 2


Ford Appoints ex-Premier’s Son As Candidate to Replace MPP Michael Harris – May 2


Ford Accused of Promoting Fake News as Part of Campaign Strategy – May 3


Ford-Appointed Candidate Andrew Lawton Accused of Trying to Start an American Tea Party Movement in Canada – May 4


Lawton Blames Homophobic, Racists Posts on Existing Mental Illness – May 7


Fired PC Candidate Tanya Granic Allen Lashes Out at Ford – May 8


Ford Campaign Accused of Hiring Actors to Participate in Debate Rally – May 8


Ford’s Potential Minister of Health Accused of Advocating for Two-Tier Health Care – May 9


PC Riding President Shared Racist Posts Attacking Minorities – May 15


Ford Attended Illegal Fundraiser, Breaking Elections Ontario Laws – May 16


Ford Candidate Andrew Lawton Accused of Racism, Mysogny Years After His Previous Excuse of Suffering From Mental Illness – may 16


Ford Candidate Merrilee Fullerton Accused of Islamophobia – May 16


Controversy Erupts Over Ford Dismissal of ex-PC Candidate Michael Harris – May 17


PC Candidate Simmer Sandhu Resigns – May 17


PC Candidate Simmer Sandhu Accused of Stealing Information From Highway 407 Tolling Company – May 17


Ontario PC Candidate Caught Offering Government Job to Opponent – May 17


23 PC Candidates Accused of Skipping Debates Across Ontario – May 17


PC Candidates Allegedly Used Fake Identities to Win Nomination Battles – May 18


York Police Investigating Data Breach Allegedly Connected to Ex-PC Candidate – May 18


Conservative Candidates Accused of Widespread Voter Fraud in Nomination Races – May 19


Elections Ontario Launches Investigation Into PC Candidates Use of Stolen Data – May 21


In Summary…