Doug Ford promised his campaign would be “for the people”. But a review of existing news sources indicates Ford and the PC Party are drawing support from people and groups on the far-right, including prominent alt-right groups like Proud Boys and white supremacists like Paul Fromm.

North99 has compiled every connection between Ford and the Progressive Conservatives, and the far-right movement. With the election getting closer every day, the findings paint a troubling picture.

Ford Spoke at a Rebel Media Event Months Before Winning PC Leadership

Ford was a speaker at Rebel Media’s event Rebel Live on June 17, 2017. Rebel Media is a favourite media outlet of the alt right, and employed infamous far-right hosts like Faith Goldy and Gavin McInnes. Ford’s actions follow a pattern by rightwing politicians such as Andrew Scheer, who embraced the alt-right Rebel Media, then distanced themselves once they took power.

Ford Granted an Interview to Rebel Host David Menzies

Doug Ford granted David Menzies, a controversial host at Rebel Media, an interview at Ford Fest in 2016.

Neo-Nazi Paul Fromm Endorsed Tanya Granic Allen for PC Leader

Paul Fromm, one of Canada’s leading neo-Nazis, said he planned to cast a ballot for PC leadership candidate Tanya Granic Allen.

As reported by the Toronto Star,

The Southern Poverty Law Center, an American civil rights organization that tracks hate groups, describes Fromm’s association as working “against the Canadian Human Rights Commission to defend anti-Semites, racists and Holocaust deniers from persecution under hate crime and human rights legislation.”

Allen ended up denouncing the endorsement.

Ford Received Support From Accused White Supremacist Faith Goldy

As reported by Ricochet, Doug Ford received the support of Faith Goldy, an ex-Rebel Media host who appeared on a neo-Nazi podcast and advocates far-right ideas:

Ezra Levant Expressed Support of Doug Ford

Ezra Levant is the founder of Rebel Media. An investigation by North99 illustrated the numerous connections between Rebel Media and far-right online personalities that helped fuel Quebec City Mosque murderer Alexandre Bissonnette.

Doug Ford’s Star Candidate Promoted a Website That Supports White Supremacists

PressProgress reported that PC candidate Donna Skelley praised an alt-right website “Free Bird Media”. The YouTube channel includes videos from Paul Fromm, one of Canada’s leading white supremacists and Faith Goldy, an ex-Rebel Media how who promotes far-right ideology.

Far-Right Podcast League of the North Endorsed Ford

As reported by Ricochet, a white supremacist podcast called League of the North endorsed Doug Ford’s campaign. The PC Party disavowed their support.

Ford Appointed ex-Rebel Media Host Andrew Lawton as a PC Candidate

Andrew Lawton was appointed as a candidate in London North Centre by Doug Ford even though other candidates sought the nomination. Lawton previously worked at Rebel Media.

Lawton was previously suspended from his job for a homophobic Facebook post, appeared to endorse a book by a far-right Islamophobe, and argued that gender and racial discrimination should be legal.

Ford Endorsed by Alt-Right Proud Boys

Anti-Racist Collective uncovered an endorsement of Ford from the alt-right group Proud Boys. They are a far-right organization connected to the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville and backed by ex-Rebel Media host Gavin McInnes.

Anti-Racist Collective also reported a photo of Doug Ford and Proud Boys member Timothy Gavin Reid, who has participated in far-right marches.

Canada’s White Supremacist Movement Wants Doug Ford to Win

As reported by Ricochet, Canada’s white supremacist movement was very interested in the Ontario election, and in a Doug Ford victory. Episodes of far-right podcasts include interviews with Zeiger, a leading neo-Nazi by the name of Gabriel Sohier Chaput. In one episode, he expressed his support for Ford because of his similarities to Trump:

“He’s really taken a page from the Trumpian book, even though he’s claiming when media puts his feet to the fire that he’s not a Trumpist, but he’s really following that playbook, and he’s saying the same sorts of things that invigorate the white working class. I think it’s only something to be excited about, even with reservations.”

In another segment, the host encouraged people to actively support Ford’s campaign:

“I want to see more Doug Ford memeing going on. Like I think that the relationship between Doug Ford’s image and Trump’s image during his campaign is, I think that’s a really valuable mimetic pool to draw from…. Those who are in the Canadian side of things here and on the forum or whatever, I think that we should all get busy trying to sort of take some of the magic that was running during the Trump campaign and apply it to Doug Ford.”