As reported by Jon Milton from the Link Newspaper, Ex-Rebel Media host and far-right media commentator Faith Goldy was caught promoting a YouTube account from a well-known neo-Nazi.

The YouTube account is run by DMS, who’s real name is Maxime Morn. He was a member of Montreal Storm, a chat group created by influential white supremacist Zeiger. The Southern Poverty Law Centre calls Zeiger (real name Gabriel Sohier Chaput) “one of the most effective strategists active in the North American far right”.

Chaput’s work is revered by several terrorist organizations linked to violence, includingAtomwaffen Division (AWD), a terroristic, national socialist organization that formed out of Iron March. Chaput was AWD’s primary publicist and helped the group rise to prominence by regularly promoting it on the Daily Stormer.

As reported by Milton, DMS’ profile picture in Montreal Storm, was of “an antisemitic caricature of a Jewish person photoshopped onto an insect”.

Milton reports that DMS’ videos “includes a number of absurd lies, including the outrageous claim that anti-fascists have caused ‘thousands of injuries’ in Montreal in 2017”.

In the same day as she promoted a neo-Nazi YouTube account, Goldy took to Twitter to express support for alt-right media outlet Free Bird Media.

Free Bird Media styles itself as “a media platform dedicated to promoting and protecting free speech through political and social commentary and objective news reporting”. But as reported by PressProgress, Free Bird Media has hosted interviews from some of Canada’s most influential and extreme figures on the far-right.

Videos include Paul Fromm, one of Canada’s leading white supremacists and James Sears who was charged with hate crimes for publishing stories that “glorified Hitler”.

Free Bird Media also includes an interview with Faith Goldy on November 14, 2017.