Conservative MPs Dane Lloyd and Rosemarie Falk were caught high-fiving each other after voting against a bill that ensures Canadian law conforms to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, including setting minimum standards for the survival, dignity and well-being of Indigenous Peoples.

Adding insult to injury, Rosemarie Falk represents Colten Boushie’s riding. Boushie was shot in the head by Gerald Stanley, who was eventually acquited of all charges against him. Boushie’s death  increased national attention on the plight of Indigenous Canadians, as well as changes to fury selection laws.

Dane Lloyd is no stranger to controversy. He was caught referring to women as “feminazis”

“I’ll probably get assasinated (sic) by the Feminazi’s for saying that cutting this program is a good thing, saves a lot of wasted money on a useless program. Way to go Guelph way to be politically incorrect.”

Lloyd also made controversial comments about a women’s right to choose, comparing abortion and children to parasites:

“If fetus’ are parasites in the mothers womb and she has a right to abort them because of their dependence, then you could argue young children could legally be left to die because of their dependence on mothers.”

Lloyd also tried to start a Canadian version of the NRA