The neo-Nazi Canadian Nationalist Front has endorsed Doug Ford’s Conservatives in Ontario’s upcoming election.

The organization’s leader, Kevin Goudreau, posted a photo of his Conservative lawn sign to the organization’s Twitter account, along with the text “Say hello to my little sign.”

Readers may remember Goudreau — who has a swastika tattooed on his chest — and the Canadian Nationalist Front as the people behind a planned neo-Nazi rally in Peterborough last year.

Now the group appears to be attempting to achieve its political objectives through Doug Ford’s Conservatives, backing the party in the Thursday election.

Ford’s campaign has attracted widespread support from the far right, including The Rebel, Faith Goldy, “League of the North”, and the Proud Boys.

With handpicked candidates like Andrew Lawton — who has argued that businesses should be allowed to discriminate against women and minorities — on their slate, it’s no surprise that Ford’s Conservatives are attracting support from these dark corners of society.