Over the course of the Ontario election, many people have remarked on the similarities between Doug Ford and Donald Trump.

But is it really that bad? The answer is yes. In fact, Doug Ford’s policies, statements and attacks on his political opponents are eerily similar to America’s most controversial President.

Attacking the press? Check. Locking up his political opponents? Yup. Huge handouts to the richest corporations at the expense of working families? You bet.

Here’s every similarity between Ontario’s Conservative leader and Donald Trump

Both Are Trust-Fund Millionaires

While Trump likes to claim he’s a self-made man, Trump was born into wealth and took over his father’s real estate company in 1971.

Much like Trump, Doug Ford was lucky to be born into a rich family. While Doug now runs his company Deco Labels, it was originally given to him by his father.

Both Support Handouts to Big Corporations

Donald Trump signed a tax bill that slashed taxes for America’s richest corporations.

Doug Ford has promised to lower the corporate income tax rate from 11.5 percent to 10.5 percent, even though corporate profits are at record highs and corporations continue to hide income in off-shore bank accounts.

Both Support Tax Cuts for the Super Rich

Donald Trump’s tax plan represented a huge handout to the rich, with an estimated 83% of tax savings benefiting the richest 1%.

Similarly, Doug Ford’s plan overwhelmingly benefits the rich, with everyone else getting peanuts. Anyone with a salary under $49,000 will save a measly $7 on their taxes. Those making over $109,000 will save $1,168. Estimates indicate Ford’s tax cuts will cost Ontario $2.3 billion, with the vast majority going to Ontario’s richest individuals.

Both Attack the Media

Donald Trump hates the free press. He called them an “enemy of the American people”, said journalists “don’t like our country”, tweeted about beating up the media, and vowed to tear up NBC’s broadcasting licence.

Doug Ford famously called reporter Jennifer Pagliaro a “little bitch” and attacked reporter Cynthia Mulligan for engaging in a “jihadist attack” against him. During his 2014 mayoral race, he attacked the mainstream media and suggested many reporters were liars. Now Ford is saying the media “doesn’t want us to win”, blaming them and pollsters for the NDP polling momentum.

Both Called for Their Political Opponent to be Locked Up

During the campaign, Donald Trump famously said his 2016 political opponent Hillary Clinton should be investigated and locked up. After winning the election, he continued to call on the Justice Department to investigate her and the Democratic Party.

Ford commented in April that he would conduct an “outside audit” of the Premier’s spending and that if “Kathleen Wynne tried to pull these kinds of shady tricks in private life, then there would be a few more Liberals joining David Livingston in jail”.

At a Ford rally in Niagara falls in May, Ford supporters chanted “lock her up”, echoing a similar chant by supporters of Donald Trump. Instead of chastising his supporters, Ford laughed along with them. Days later Ford apologized and said he did not condone locking up his political opponents.

Both Will Increase Government Debt

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that Donald Trump’s controversial plan to slash taxes for the rich and big corporations will push the federal government’s deficit close to $1 trillion.

Ford is no different. In fact, his plan will increase the deficit more than the Liberal’s or the NDP’s.

Mike Moffat, an economist with Western University’s Ivey Business School, compared the numbers of the three main parties and found that by their third year the PCs would be running deficits of $6.9 billion in the third year and $7.6 billion in the fourth year.

Andrea Horwath’s NDP government would have the lowest deficits of $6.4 billion in their third year and $5 billion in their fourth year, according to Moffatt’s projections. The Liberals would run deficits of $6.5 billion in their third year and $5.6 billion in their fourth year.

Both Mix Business Relationships With Government

Trump and his family are accused of profiting off his business while at the same time being President. A Chinese owned company had come on board to build an Indonesian Trump golf course and hotel. Trump then reduced sanctions on a Chinese cell phone company. This Washington Post article outlines even more examples of Trump’s business dealings while in government

In 2016 Ford was reprimanded by Toronto’s Integrity Commissioner for violating city council’s code of conduct. Integrity Commissioner Valerie Jepson said Ford attempted “to secure preferential treatment” for two of his clients of his family’s company. The Commissioner claimed Ford never disclosed they did business with Deco. Ford also broke the rules by accepting gifts from one of the companies.

Both Engage in Dog-Whistle Racist Politics

Donald Trump won his election victory by appealing to nationalism and racism, claiming America was under attack by the “others”, calling Mexicans “rapists”, trying to stop all Muslims from entering America, and ranting against immigrants from “shithole” countries.

During a debate in northern Ontario, Ford was accused of dog-whistle politics when he said Ontarians should “take care of our own” before encouraging more immigration.

And during a 2014 mayoral debate, Ford was accused of encouraging anti-semitic prejudice by claiming he had the utmost respect for the Jewish community because his doctor, lawyer, dentist, and accountant were all Jewish.

Both Will Give Big Polluters a Free Ride

Donald Trump doesn’t believe in climate change and refuses to force big polluters to pay for damaging the environment.

Doug Ford says he believes in man-made climate change, but has no plan to deal with it.

He’s promised to cancel Ontario’s carbon tax, even though Ontario has no carbon tax. He’s also promised to cancel Ontario’s cap and trade system, wrongfully claiming it hurts consumers even though it is paid by corporations.

Both Are Prone to Overstatements

One of Donald Trump’s most consistent traits is his tendency to overstate and lie about nearly everything.

Doug Ford appears to share this quality and is prone to make sweeping comments that seem far-fetched, including when he famously claimed that no politician in Canada had done more for Ontario’s black community than the Ford family.

Both Owe Their Victory to Anti-Abortion Groups

Anti-abortion supporters overwhelmingly chose Trump. And leaders of these groups call Trump the “most pro-life President ever”.

Doug Ford owed his Conservative Party leadership victory to anti-abortion activists, many who claimed to be the deciding factor. Ford did this by promising free votes on anti-abortion legislation, opposing a law that prevented harassment outside of abortion clinics and supporting legislation that requires parental consent for any women under 16 seeking an abortion.

Both Have A Women Problem

Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women, attacked prominent women for their looks, and has undertaken a massive roll-back of abortion rights across America. This helps explain why Trump lost women voters by 13 points against Hillary Clinton.

While nowhere near as troubling as Donald Trump, Ford has faced his own criticism. Ford has been accused of making sexist comments towards Kathleen Wynne, saying during the first debate “you’ve got a nice smile on your face”. In the second debate, he repeated this creepy moment, saying that he “still like[s] that smile”. Ford has a history of attacking female reporters while a city councillor, famously calling Jennifer Pagliaro a “little bitch”.

Even more troubling is his embrace of far-right religious groups, and his commitment to rolling back abortion rights.

Both Attacked Disabled People

Donald Trump famously mocked a disabled reporter by imitating and gesturing widely.

Doug Ford criticized a home for disabled autistic teenagers, saying they “ruined the community” and told the father of an autistic child to “go to hell”.

When confronted about it during the Ontario election, he claimed it never happened. Unfortunately for Ford, there was video evidence.

Both Attacked Law Enforcement Over an Ongoing Investigation

Trump continues to attack the CIA and FBI, the latter due to an ongoing investigation by Robert Mueller into whether Trump’s campaign coordinated with foreign governments. He called former FBI Commissioner James Comey a “nut job”, “slimeball”, “leaker” and “very cowardly”.

In August 2014, Ford accused Toronto’s police department of targeting his brother Rob Ford by using a subpoena to testify in the case of Ford’s former employee Alexander Lisi, saying “it’s payback” and suggesting this was why Police Chief Bill Blair needed to be removed.

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