CTV News reports that Stephen Harper is secretly planning to visit the Trump White House on July 2nd, a day after retaliatory Canadian tariffs are set to kick in.

It is unclear why Stephen Harper is meeting the White House at this time. Harper did not inform the Canadian government or the Canadian embassy, as per normal protocol.

While we do not know the reason for the meeting, Harper has recently been off-side with Canadian NAFTA negotiations.

While all Canadian political parties have rallied together to present a unified message against Trump, Harper has taken the opposite approach. In a letter to his corporate clients, Harper publicly undermined Canada’s NAFTA negotiations and argued we should give up environmental and worker protections.

And Harper recently co-signed a letter that praised Trump for tearing up the Iran Nuclear Agreement.

The former Prime Minister has also praised numerous far-right authoritarian dictators, including an Austrian leader who joined forces with a party founded by an ex-neo-Nazi, and another who is undermining civil society and winning through the use of xenophobia.

It’s time for Harper to stop publically backstabbing Canada and betraying our interests – add your name if you agree.