Doug Ford has named Sam Oosterhoff Parliamentary Assitant to the Minister of Education.

Oosterhoff is a controversial choice for the role, given Ford’s promise to cancel Ontario sex-ed curriculum. Oosterhoff is a well-known critic of sex-ed, who aligned himself with the religious far-right to a contested Conservative nomination battle.

Far-right religious fundamentalists argue Ontario’s revised sex-ed curriculum did not include parental input, which according to news reports, is an outright lie. CBC reported that over 4,000 parents, 2,400 educates and other stakeholders, and 700 students provided input on the curriculum.

The sex-ed curriculum helps educate and inform children about human rights for LGTBQ people. The appointment of Oosterhoff is especially troubling given his previous comments and actions directed towards the LGTBQ community.

In a Facebook post from 2016 discovered by PressProgress, Sam Oosterhoff shared content from a far-right blog that called homosexuality a “sin”:

According to PressProgress, Oosterhoff also shared “links to blogs that explicitly advocate a literalist interpretation of the Bible”:

One of the links Oosterhoff shared criticizes Christians who “have no problem with homosexual behaviour and see it as a healthy form of human sexuality.”

Oosterhoff also spoke out against legislation that gave LGTBQ couples and couples who use reproductive technology legal recognition as parents. He called is a “horrible piece of legislation” and skipped the vote. His reason? It was his niece’s birthday.