Doug Ford decision to cancel sex-ed has been met with anger and confusion by Ontarians.

The decision was made as part of a promise by Ford to radical social Conservatives, in exchange for their votes during the Conservative leadership race. Ford eventually won that race with backing from Tanya Granic Allen, a radical religious organizer who said gay marriage made we want to vomit.

With the cancellation of the sex-ed curriculum, Ontarian will revert back to the previous version, which was made before Google or social media existed. Ontario students will no longer be taught about consent, same-sex marriages, sexual harassment or homophobia.

But the impacts of sex-ed go beyond that. Parents, educators, and previous students have taken to social media to share examples of the dangerous side effects of cancelling sex-ed.

1. Learning About Consent

2. No Means No

3. Protecting Children From Abuse

4. Educating Students About Health

5. Supporting LGBTQ Students



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