Doug Ford’s decision to cancel Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum was cheered by anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ groups and radical religious groups across the country.

Campaign Life Coalition, a far-right anti-abortion group, thanked Doug Ford and Lisa MacLeod for cancelling the curriculum. Campaign Life Coalition is Canada’s leading anti-abortion group, who oppose gay marriage, access to abortion and previously critized Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum, saying it would “normalize homosexual family structures” and cause sexual confusion amongst children.

Charles McVety, a radical far-right social Conservative who thinks teaching creationism is a good idea, also praised Ford’s move:

The radical religious pro-life website LifeSiteNews launched a petition thanking Ford for canceling sex-ed. The petition includes a petition letter sent to Ford. An exert of the petition thanks Ford for preserving children’s “innocence”:

I am so thankful that our children and grandchildren will not be subjected to radical theories of gender fluidity and other controversial sexual topics for one more day as part of the sex ed program.  Children deserve to have their age of innocence respected…

Tanya Granic Allen also shared her support for Ford’s decision. Granic Allen was turfed as a Conservative candidate after it was revealed she said gay marriage made her “want to vomit”, and attacked minorities for the clothing they wore. She previously claimed gay marriage was destroying Canadian society.

Allen was instrumental in Ford’s, with many dubbing her “the kingmaker”.

Radical right-wing and anti-abortion Conservative MP Brad Trost also thanked Ford. Trost previously attacked $400,000 in funding for Toronto pride, regularly addresses the yearly anti-abortion National March for Life, organized to end funding for Planned Parenthood and opposes gay marriage.

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