Former top Conservative Party official Fred DeLorey is actively lobbying for the National Firearms Association, an anti-gun control group that advocates for the repeal of existing gun control laws.

DeLorey was Director of Political Operations for the Conservative Party from 2013 to 2015, and Director of Communications for the Party from 2009 to 2013.

According to the registry maintained by the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada, DeLorey has been busy working on behalf of the NFA, reporting 37 monthly communications with lawmakers in Ottawa.

Among other issues, DeLorey has been advocating for the repeal of the Firearms Act — the main body of legislation that controls guns in Canada. The Firearms Act restricted and prohibited a range of weapons, and imposed stricter licensing and transportation requirements on firearms.

“The haters will hate”

The NFA has a controversial and checkered history.

Following a shooting spree in Moncton that left 3 RCMP officers dead, the NFA released a statement criticizing the “excessive rules in place” and “expensive and unnecessary regime” of gun control in Canada.

After receiving considerable blowback over the statement, which many deemed insensitive to the victims of the killing, the NFA doubled down, saying that “the haters will hate.”

Stolen personal data

During the 2017 Conservative Party leadership race, the NFA was slapped with a cease and desist from the Party after it appeared to illicitly obtain a membership list from one of the leadership campaigns.

The NFA used the personal data to solicit money in a fundraising drive before being ordered by the party to destroy the list.

Assault Weapons From Santa?

In 2014 the NFA faced criticism for posting a Christmas message online featuring Santa giving a child an assault rifle.

The image was accompanied with a caption reading “NO HO HO COMPROMISE”.

The right wing gun agenda

The Conservative Party has strong connections to Canada’s gun lobby.

In addition to Fred DeLorey’s active lobbying work on behalf of the “no compromise” NFA, the Party’s leader — Andrew Scheer — shares many of the views of the pro-gun fringe.

As the Huffington Post noted, Scheer and his Conservative colleagues appear to be obsessed with making it easier for people to buy weapons — in particular guns like the AR-15, which has been used in multiple massacres in the United States.

Among other gems, he proposes to repeal undisclosed parts of Canada’s gun-control law, ease size restrictions on ammunition clips, and allow overrides of the RCMP’s role in classifying weapons by politicians, who surely know better.

Scheer’s caucus-mate, Conservative MP Bob Zimmer, put a petition before the House of Commons to re-classify the AR-15 as a non-restricted hunting rifle. As yet un-answered is the question of how this weapon designed solely to kill people can be of use to a hunter.

Mr. Scheer’s platform contains 655 words about guns, versus 54 words about health care and 34 words about trade. It’s an interesting choice of priorities.

Should Scheer and the Conservatives win government, they will surely welcome Fred DeLorey and his extremist right-wing clients into the halls of power with them.

If you want to help fight back against the gun lobby, use our tool to send a letter to your MP demanding strong gun control laws — it only takes 30 seconds.