In a late night tweet-storm sent out Sunday evening, Conservative MP Maxime Bernier shared a lengthy tirade against multiculturalism, openness, and diversity.

He explicitly said diversity brings “distrust, social conflict, and potentially violence” and will “destroy what has made us such a great country”.

Maxime Bernier isn’t an unknown Conservative backbencher. He placed second to Andrew Scheer in the Conservative party leadership race, claiming 49.05% of votes compared to Andrew Scheer’s 50.95%.

This comes on heels of a week where two Conservative officials, Senator Denise Batters and MP Blaine Calkins, engaged in racist attacks on a Middle Eastern Canadian MP.

Our North99 team has compiled every racist tweet, comment or statement since Scheer became leader of the Conservatives.

Bernier’s language echoes similar comments made by white nationalists throughout the US who have called for an end to immigration and diversity.

Far-right media hosts like Laura Ingraham on Fox News have used their pulpit to call on their fellow citizens to preserve a certain type of America. You can guess what type of America they are referring to…

Here are Bernier’s tweets in full:

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