Ford has announced his intentions to take control of Toronto’s subways. But unlike his unilateral decision to radically alter Toronto’s elections, he promised to “consult” with the city.

So what does this mean for Toronto transit riders?

If history is any indication, it means Ford may attempt to privatize subway construction, or even the subways themselves.

As Toronto city councillor, Ford campaigned and succeeded in privatizing Toronto garbage collection.

Ford voted to sell-off Toronto public housing to private investors, even though vulnerable Toronto residents desperately needed those homes.

He promised to sell-off Toronto Greenbelt to private land developers but backed down when faced with massive public pressure.

As Premier, he offloaded parts of universal drug coverage for children to private insurance companies. Experts say it will result in increased costs for families and the government.

And he’s privatized marijuana sales rather than keep it with government-owned stores.

If history is any indication, Toronto residents should be concerned that Ford may try to privatize Toronto’s subways.

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