Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shut down a heckler at an event in Quebec recently. The heckler repeatedly interrupted Trudeau’s remarks by yelling smears about immigrants.

But evidence is emerging that the incident was not the work of a disgruntled voter, but rather one staged and orchestrated by far right groups.

This evidence was compiled on Twitter by a satirist and critic of the far-right Quebec group, La Meute.

The researcher notes that the woman who heckled Trudeau at one point calls out to “Mario”, who turns out to be Mario Dallaire, a member of a group called the Front Patriotique du Québec.

Dallaire posted on Facebook saying he was at the event, and in a comment thread on Facebook defended the heckler saying that she “did what she needed to do”.

In the Facebook group for Front Patriotique du Québec, a woman named Diane Blain alerted Dallaire to a Trudeau event that could be disrupted.

In the photo below, Diane Blain is pictured alongside Mario Daillaire at an anti-immigrant rally the day before the Trudeau event.

Diane Blain made news in 2015 after refusing to be served by a Muslim woman at the University of Montreal’s dental clinic. She is also a member of the Front Patriotique du Québec on Facebook.

The Front Patriotique du Québec is a far-right, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim group in Quebec.

An administrator of the Front Patriotique du Québec said last winter, in another group, that “we would need to make a fake terrorist attack to wake up people”.

Right-wing media has depicted the heckling incident as an impromptu outburst by an ordinary Canadian woman. But it appears that this was in fact a planned disruption staged by a far-right racist organization.

Read the full thread of tweets on the incident from @LeTroupeauQC.

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