A video of Diane Blain heckling Justin Trudeau at an event in Quebec has gone viral (for a variety of reasons), though it appears the whole thing was staged by radical right-wing groups.

Blain is connected to online far-right groups, and was last in the news for refusing to be served by a Muslim woman at a dental centre in 2015.

In spite of this, Conservative politicians are lining up to defend Blain and amplify her anti-immigrant message.

Below is a list of all Conservative politicians who are defending Blain. Have we missed someone? Email us and let us know.

Andrew Scheer

Scheer is the leader of Canada’s Conservative Party and wasted no time in leaping to the defence of the racist heckler.

Steven Blaney

Blaney is a Conservative MP who ran for the leadership of the Conservative Party. During the race he campaigned on banning Muslim women from wearing their religious garb.

Michelle Rempel

Michelle Rempel is a Conservative MP and regularly fear-mongers about immigration.

Lisa MacLeod

Lisa MacLeod is an Ontario MPP and oversees immigration in Canada’s largest province. She recently introduced a plan to end provincial funding for refugee settlement and integration service.

Linda Frum

Linda Frum is a Conservative Senator.