Well-known Canadian alt-right and white supremacist sympathizer Faith Goldy was caught posing for a photograph Premier Doug Ford during Ford Fest, Doug Ford’s annual community event.

Here is the video:

Faith Goldy is well known as an ex-host of Rebel Media. During that time she was interviewed by a neo-Nazi podcast, as well as expressed support for white supremacist marchers in the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally.

She also sided with neo-Nazis, explaining they had “robust” and “well thought out ideas”.

During her previous stint as Rebel Media host, she interviewed then-Conservative leadership candidate, and now current Conservative leader Andrew Scheer.

This isn’t the first time Ford has appeared with Goldy, or been connected to white nationalist groups.

Ford previously appeared with Faith Goldy at Rebel Media Live, a yearly conference organized by the alt-right outlet founded by Ezra Levant. Other speakers included white nationalist Gavin McInnes and former Stephen Harper Finance Minister Joe Oliver.

During the election, white supremacists expressed open support for Doug Ford, encouraging people to buy memberships to support him, and to vote and organize for him during the election.

One of North America’s most influential white supremacists Charles Zeiger endorsed Doug Ford on the podcast Daily Stormer, one of the most influential neo-Nazi podcasts in the world.  Doug Ford disavowed his support.

And as reported by Press Progress, Doug Ford previously posed for a photo with Faith Goldy.

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