Three companies who were allegedly involved in stealing millions from Canadians by fixing bread prices for over 16 years are part of a business lobby group calling for the repeal of additional vacation days, sick leave and domestic abuse leave for Ontario workers.

Loblaws, Giant Tiger and Canada Bread Company Inc, as well as other grocery chains, are alleged to have stolen millions from consumers by collectively fixing the price of bread for over 16 years. These companies worked together to artificially raise the price of bread and pass the cost onto customers.

All three are members of a business lobby group called the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. The Ontario Chamber of Commerce is calling for a full repeal of Bill 148 which modernized Ontario’s labour code. The bill includes the following laws:

  • 10 personal emergency leave days per year, including two paid days if the employee has been employed for one week or longer (7 days)
  • Five days of leave for domestic abuse
  • Three weeks of paid vacation
  • Preventing employers from requiring workers to wear high-heels
  • Paying part-time workers the same as full-time workers

The bill also included a $15 minimum wage which was slated to begin in January 2019, to ensure low-income workers shared in Ontario’s strong economy. Doug Ford recently announced he planned to cancel the raise.

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