An anti-abortion political organizing group called the Wilberforce Profit, which is closely connected to Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party, believes women should face serious criminal charges for using the morning after pill.

The tweet below from Progress Alberta summarizes the position of Wilberforce Project

The Wilberforce Project has a history of attempting to use Alberta’s Conservative party to further their radical anti-abortion agenda.

The Calgary Herald reported that Wilberforce was actively recruiting pro-life candidates to run for the UCP.

During the previous UCP convention, the organization tried to write and push for pro-life resolutions. They also actively pushed for a policy that would defund abortions.

During the UCP leadership race, Wilberforce members were encouraged to select Jason Kenney as their number one choice for leader.

Kenney claims his party is open and welcoming to everyone. But how can he say that when Conservative-aligned groups like Wilberforce want to criminalize the morning-after pill?


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