Another day, another example of Doug Ford’s government favouring big businesses over low-income workers.

The Toronto Star is reporting that Doug Ford’s government has instructed Ministry of Labour staff not to conduct any proactive inspections of businesses that violate employment standards. These violations include businesses who are stealing wages and overtime pay from employees.

Because businesses face less potential for punishment or oversight, it will be much easier for businesses to steal worker’s wages.

This report came one day after Doug Ford’s government introduced a bill that would roll back labour protections for precarious workers.

The memo from the Ministry of Labour says staff should “not initiative any new inspections” of workplaces and defer any new training of staff for these inspections.

As reported by the Star, proactive inspections are far more effective at recovering unpaid wages, such as holiday and overtime pay, than when an employee reports a workplace violation.

Conservatives also cancelled hiring 175 new staff to deal with businesses who violate employment standards.

It’s just another example of Doug Ford favouring businesses over workers..


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