After massive online public pressure against a Toronto Sun column that promoted a conspiracy theory that questioned the effectiveness of vaccines, the Toronto Sun took down the story. But a column with fake allegations against asylum seekers at a Toronto hotel has yet to be removed.

A column by Sue-Ann Levy claimed that asylum seekers and refugees staying at the Toronto East End Radisson Hotel had slaughtered goats in the washroom. She based this on a TripAdvisor review without fact-checking the review.

An investigation by Buzzfeed news showed this to be false. Hotel workers contacted about the story confirmed it never happened. It appears Levy had not undertaken basic fact-checking by double-checking the veracity of the review.

But after three weeks, the story is still on the website. No correction or disclaimer exists informing people that Levy’s comment was fake. Editor-in-chief Adrienne Batra has yet to issue any statement or correction about the story.

The Toronto Sun draws the line at vaccines, but not stories attacking vulnerable asylum seekers fleeing Donald Trump.