An affiliate of the violent far-right hate group Proud Boys continues to operate on ecommerce platform Shopify, a Canadian company, even though Proud Boys and their members have been banned from numerous other companies and platforms for violating policies around hate speech and violent extremism.

The bans were in response to the Proud Boys participating in a politically violent confrontation in New York. Members of the group face criminal charges

Proud Boys is a violent extremist far-right hate group. They are closely connected to other far-right groups and participated in the Charlottesville white supremacist rally.

In response to the violent extremist from the Proud Boys, numerous companies have banned them from their platform.

Facebook and Instagram said the Proud Boys violate their policy against hate groups. The Twitter account of Gavin McInnes was previously banned for violating Twitter’s policy against violent extremist groups. Payment processor PayPal also banned them from their platform.

Shopify’s silence in regards to other companies banning Proud Boys and their members comes at an odd time. As reported by The Logic, Shopify quietly banned extremist social network Gab from their platform. Shopify has yet to issue any statement about Gab’s ban, or respond to social media outcry for allowing Proud boys to use their platform. In fact, Sean Craig from the Logic says Shopify refuses to answer any questions about hate groups on their platform.

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