We Canadians pride ourselves on our manners and being polite. But Donald Trump has tried our patience.

Here are 8 reasons Canadians are praying that Americans vote against Trump and the Republicans in today’s midterm elections.

Trump destroyed our unique friendship

While we don’t always agree, Canada and America have been close allies for many decades. That was, until Donald Trump came along.

Trump’s bizarre and unprovoked trade war against Canada has frayed our friendship, as the Republican President sought to hurt Canadian workers.

He called Canada a “national security threat”

In order to target Canada with steel tariffs, Trump had to deem Canada a threat to American national security.

We share the largest undefended border, are both NATO members, and are two of the closest allies in the world. Canada isn’t a national security threat – it’s an insult that we won’t forget anytime soon.

He promised to “ruin” our country

Trump threatened to impose massive auto tariffs on our economy. Experts estimated it would cost Canada up to 160,000 jobs had they been implemented.

Thankfully, Trump never followed through.

Trump’s advisors hate what Canada represents

Former US Ambassador Bruce Heyman claims Trump’s team hates what Canada represents:

It’s the fair treatment of women in the workplace, it’s making sure the environment is taken care of, equal pay for equal work, understanding that refugees need a place. … This country and the United States were made of immigrants.

No wonder Trump’s far-right gang hates Canada.

Trump’s advisor said there was a “special place in hell” for Canada

Emotions were heated during NAFTA negotiations. Trump ‘s economic advisor Larry Kudlow said there was a “special place in hell” for leaders and countries like Canada who criticized Trump behind his back.

Don’t worry Larry, we Canadians are happy to say it to his face.

He’s waged war on LGBTQ rights

While Canada is an international leader in the fight for LGBTQ equality, Trump is undermining and attacking LGBTQ rights.

He tried to reinstate a ban on transgender people in the military, nominated numerous anti-LGBTQ court members, refuses to recognize Pride month, rescinded a ban on laws that protected transgender students and argued in court for corporations to have the right to sexually discriminate against LGBTQ people.

He’s putting our planet at risk with inaction on climate change

Polls show Canadians overwhelmingly believe climate change is a danger and must be stopped.

But Donald Trump refuses to take action. In fact, he’s actively undermining the fight against climate change. He’s rolled back major environmental regulations, made arctic drilling easier, brought in policies to expand coal usage and actively disputes proven climate science.

He’s encouraged the rise of the far-right in America and Canada

Hate crimes throughout the US have continued to climb over Trump’s Presidency. From the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally, to the worst massacre of Jewish people in American history, Trump’s rhetoric is fuelling the rise of far-right violence.

But this poison is spreading beyond America. Hate crimes and far-right violence have increased steadily in Canada. We’ve witnessed our own far-right massacres, including the Quebec City Mosque shooter targeting Muslims and the Toronto van attacker. The rhetoric used by Trump and the Republicans is a cancer that is reaching into our own country too.

He’s attacked diversity, immigrants, and refugees

Trump has made attacks on asylum seekers and refugees a central part of his agenda. He’s locked up kids in camps along the Mexican border, threatened violence against refugees, and reduced the number of immigrants coming to America.

Here in Canada we see Conservative parties federally and provincially copying Trump by making opposition to asylum seekers central to their message. Their actions threaten to fray Canada’s consensus on diversity and tolerance.


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