Ontario’s marijuana industry is an absolute disaster and Doug Ford is mostly to blame.

The media has reported that many Ontario Cannabis Store customers have yet to receive their purchases. Ontarians are complaining about slow delivery and terrible customer service. Some experts say it could lead people to return to the black market.

So how did this all happen?

Lack of Physical Locations

The previous Ontario government planned to open 51 stores in 2018 to meet expected demand. These would have been publicly owned.

Doug Ford ended the Liberal government’s plan after winning the election. He scrapped plans for public stores and privatized the retail system.

With no time to plan for this rollout, Ford’s government has banned all cannabis retail until 2019. Because of this, Ontarians can only purchase weed through the Ontario Cannabis Store website.

So while people in the every other province are able to purchase cannabis legally at physical retail locations, Ontarians are out of luck.

Secretive Distribution Company Potentially Responsible for Slow Delivery

CBC uncovered that the distribution of Ontario Cannabis Store orders are being fulfilled by one company. Ford’s government refuses to disclose the name of the company.

The Ontario Cannabis Store also refuses to disclose the number of people working at the location, even though the LCBO discloses this type of information. CBC speculates this could be a reason why order fulfillments are so slow.

We have no idea why the Ford government insists on keeping this information secret.

High Prices

Pre-rolled joints currently cost $20 per gram and strains that cost $16. BC for example, has strains starting at $7. Reducing black market sales won’t happen if prices are too high.

Mislabeled Orders

Many users are complaining that their orders are mislabeled, or that they aren’t getting the right order. As reported by CTV, a genital spray was mislabeled as an oral spray. Yikes!

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