Doug Ford has canceled Ontario’s cap-and-trade and has no plans to bring in a replacement plan. Not once has Ford mentioned global warming or climate change on his Twitter account.

Scott Moe says he doesn’t accept proven facts that a pollution tax reduces carbon emissions.

Jason Kenney questions how much impact humans have on global warming. Members of his Conservative team continue to question climate science.

Brian Pallister refused to bring in a pollution tax that would actually lower emissions. So instead of raising it, he dropped it all together.

Andrew Scheer promised a plan to combat climate change, yet six months later he’s yet to deliver one.

All of these Conservatives oppose a carbon tax, something that Nobel prize winning economists have shown would reduce climate-change causing pollution.

Climate change is on track to destroy our planet as we know it. It is one of the most pressing problems of our generation and will determine the future of the human race. But Canada’s Conservatives have no plan to fix it. Some of them say they believe in human-caused climate change. But actions speak louder than words. And their actions show they don’t believe climate change is a problem.


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