Conservative MP Kerry Diotte is suing a man named Bashir Mohammed for pointing out Diotte’s support of white nationalist Faith Goldy. Faith is a self-proclaimed propagandist for the neo-Nazi movement who previously said neo-Nazis had “well thought-out ideas”.

Bashir posted on Twitter that he had received a legal notice due to the tweets he had sent about Kerry’s support for white nationalist Faith Goldy. Kerry’s lawyer claimed that Bashir had until Nov 7, 2018 to remove the tweets. As of writing, Bashir says he will not apologize and has hired a lawyer.

The tweets Kerry threated Bashir about are listed below:

Kerry appears to be a big fan of white nationalist Faith Goldy. He thanked her for “making the Media Great Again” at a Manning Centre event and posed with her at the Conservative convention in 2016.

Kerry has a long history of controversy and connections to the far-right, especially when it comes to his Twitter account.

He was one of the few MPs to congratulate Donald Trump on his election victory in 2016.

He threated an organization called ProgressAlberta, saying they “should be very afraid”. He ended up deleting the tweet two hours later.

Kerry has liked numerous tweets from Rebel Media columnist Sheila Gunn Reid and far-right outlet Rebel Media. An investigation by our team at North99 showed the numerous connections between Rebel Media and the Quebec City Mosque shooter Alexdre Bissonette.

Rebel Media has been connected to at least two far-right terrorist attacks, including Darren Osbourne who drove his van into Muslim worshippers and Fredericton shooter Matthew Vincent Raymond who murdered two police officers.

Diotte liked these tweets two months after ex-Rebel Media personality Faith Goldy was caught saying neo-Nazis had well-thought-out ideas”. This prompted Andrew Scheer to refuse to appear on the network again until they changed their “editorial direction”. Diotte’s liked Rebel Media tweets two months after Scheer’s promise not to appear on the network.

Kerry liked another tweet from Twitter user Deplorable John, who tweeted a YouTube video from Ezra Levant.

Deplorable John’s user’s Twitter profile links to a Gab account called, which is presumable Deplorable John’s account. Gab is a social media network used by white nationalists, white supremacists and anti-semites. The Pittsburgh shooter who murdered 12 Jewish people was an avid user of Gab and had posted numerous anti-Semitic posts before the shooting.

The Gab account JohnDough questioned the Florida bombing suspect and said Muslims do not belong in America. Here are screenshots of the posts shared by Twitter user Deplorable John:

Kerry also liked a tweet from a fake news site True Pundit, run by what experts call the most influential fake news source in the United States.

It is clear that Kerry has a history of posting questionable content on social media that is clearly connected to far-right news sources and social media users.


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