Lawyers have taken to Twitter to denounce Andrew Scheer’s plan to combat gangs and gun violence. One lawyer called it “shockingly stupid” and “unconstitutional”.

Scheer tweeted a graphic that claims to contain the Conservative plan to combat gang violence.

The response was swift and brutal.

Lawyer Kyle Morrow called it full of blatant lies, including the fact that automatic bail is not granted when arrested.

Lawyer and ex-Supreme Court Clerk Annamaria Enenajor called it “stupid” and that showed a clear “ignorance” about the criminal justice system.

Lawyer David Russel called it unconstitutional and similar to Harper-era criminal justice.

What Scheer’s graphic fails to mention is any attempt to take away the weapons used by gangs. Scheer refuses to do anything about gun violence. Instead, he’s making up policy on the fly.


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