At a recent Rebel Media Live event, Ezra Levent heaped praise on Ontario Conservative Premier Doug Ford, claiming he has a “great working relationship” with him. He also compared Ford favourably to American President Donald Trump.

Here is the clip of the video below:

Levant’s characterization of their relationship comes at a bad time for Ford. Almost two months ago Ford refused to apologize after posing next to white nationalist Faith Goldy, herself an ex-Rebel Media host. Ford eventually caved to pressure and denounced hate speech and racism, but refused to specifically call out the actions of Goldy.

Rebel Media is a far-right media organization run by Conservative Ezra Levant. It’s connected to numerous far-right personalities, including white nationalist Faith Goldy, violent hate group Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes, and far-right commentators Laura Loomer, and Lauren Southern.

An exclusive story by our team at North99 showed that far-right mass murderer Alexandre Bissonnette, who killed 6 Muslims worshippers and injured 16 others at a Quebec City mosque, was an avid consumer of Rebel Media.

Rebel Media content was also consumed by two other far-right murderers, including the Fredericton shooter Matthew Raymond who killed two cops, and UK killer Darren Osborne who drove a van into a crowd of Muslim worshippers, killing one.

Ford has a history of involvement with Rebel Media. He was a guest speaker at Rebel Media Live 2017, where he talked about the rise of populism around the world and in 2016 he was interviewed by Rebel Media’s David Menzies at Ford Fest.

Ford is a favourite topic of Rebel Media, with well over 30 videos on YouTube referencing Ford, many favourably covering his time as Premier.

Levant’s quote raises important questions – what exactly is their working relationship? Has anyone at Rebel Media met with Ford since he became Premier?

What is clear is that far-right Rebel Media believes that Ford is an ideological and political ally.


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