Doug Ford is invoking language similarily used by American President Donald Trump to attack and discredit the media.

In a media scrum on December 4th, Doug Ford referred to the media as the “official opposition” rather than the Liberals or NDP. In the same sentence, he called them “the media party”.

Here is the recording below.

The language echoes similar rhetoric used by Donald Trump, who called the media the “opposition party”.

Ford has leveled increasingly harsh attacks on the media as they continue to uncover questionable issues within his government, such as the concerning circumstances surrounding a friend of Doug Ford being appointed OPP commissioner.

While Doug Ford has not called the media fake news yet, that hasn’t stoped his team members from using the term famously coined by Trump.

Social Services Minister Lisa MacLeod called the media “fake news” after they accurately reported the Progressive Conservative broke a promise to keep Ontario’s basic income. MacLeod eventually apologized.

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