Stephen Harper’s former Immigration minister Chris Alexander has accused Andrew Scheer of lying about the UN Global Compact on Migration.

Scheer opposes signing the UN Global Compact on Migration, a non-binding agreement on how countries around the world can work together to solve immigration issues. Scheer claimed that by signing the UN Global Compact on Migration, Canada would give up control of its immigration system to the UN.

Alexander posted this in response on Twitter:

The UN Global Compact calls on countries to improve how they treat immigrants, including support the following policies:

  • combat trafficking and smuggling
  • reduce the reliance on immigration detention centres
  • protect refugees returning to their home countries from unlawful imprisonment, torture and abuse

Andrew Scheer’s party has increasingly veered into openly hostile and racist attitudes and statements towards minorities, refugees and asylum seekers, including a since-deleted racist tweet of a black man crossing the border.

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