Conservative MP Blaine Calkins, in front of a class of grade 7 and 8-year-olds, told students that science was still unclear on whether CO2 is a pollutant that contributes to global warming.

Here is the video from CBC.

In the clip, Calkins says the following:

“And whether or not you think carbon dioxide is pollution or not is, I still think, a question. I’m a biologist. I know that carbon dioxide is actually plant food, so there’s arguments for and against.”

It is shocking we have to include this in an article in 2018, but science is definitive that the rise in CO2 from human activities is primarily responsible for global warming. The excess of CO2 is causing our planet to heat up and is expected to result in massive damage in the near future. Scientists estimate we only have a limited amount of time left to reverse the damage.

Andrew Scheer and other Conservatives have claimed that their opposition to the carbon tax is based on economics. They claim to believe in climate change, but Calkins comments seem to indicate climate change denial is still a belief within the Conservatives.

Andrew Scheer has yet to provide any policy of his own to combat climate change.

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